Week of July 27-Aug 2

This week, I expanded more on observing the psychology of climate change in my community. I’ve been doing this through a process involving a few steps. First, I learn about an action (i.e. talking to a family member or watching a video with climate activists and skeptics) influenced by psychological attitudes towards climate change. Then, I take notes on this action and draw conclusions relating to the themes it reflects. Finally, I refer back to the notes I took earlier in the summer and match the themes I outlined to their psychological causes. This process has really rounded out this study for me, because it’s so demonstrated how palpable our psychological attitudes truly are and how big of an impact they can have. Overall, this has been an incredibly rewarding process, and I’m excited to build on it by getting started on drafting my final project in the coming week!

I also had some helpful conversations with Ms. Caruso, my content advisor, and Ms. Bessias, our Independent Study coordinator! They encouraged me to reach out to more people in my community and get a more diverse range of perspectives on climate change. We also thought it would be interesting to broaden the reach of my study to social science and policy, possibly by conducting social experiments surrounding climate change or drafting methods to promote participation. I’m looking forward to incorporating this through my final product and potentially expanding on my study in the future as well!

Finally, I reached out to a few more individuals to interview–I’ll keep you updated if it all works out! I loved conducting interviews earlier this summer, and I’m excited to approach them with a new outlook (possibly an increased focus on societal applications) in the next few weeks as well!