Week of July 20-26: Lots of Videos!

This week, I started to shift my focus towards applying what I’ve learned about climate attitudes to real life. I talked to members of my family about their stances on climate change and noted some of their actions. Then, I connected these observations to the concepts I’ve learned from the various resources I explored. I also took notes on this  Discussion between activists and Skeptics. This gave me a great opportunity to see the behaviors I’ve read about play out in real life, and I gained much more insight into the nuances in thinking that drive both activists and skeptics. I also continued to note my observations about attitudes towards climate change in school, in my community, and in other areas of my life. This coming week, I’m excited to continue applying these examples and begin drafting ideas for solutions as well!

Discussion between climate activists and skeptics. Very interesting to watch–I loved seeing the mutual respect between the two groups and the willingness both to engage with others viewpoints and to politely challenge them as well.