Stories of Fighting Climate Change!

Hi! This week I went more in depth on resources and started applying them to real life contexts. I started reading parts of Don’t even Think about it: Why our Brains are Wired to ignore Climate Change by George Marshall. It was really interesting to hear about his research, because I found that his claims aligned a lot with themes I’ve been picking up through interviews and other media!

I also began exploring the global climate strike stories page to learn more about what drives people towards climate action as well as gain some really abstract and thoughtful perspectives. I found this really inspiring, especially because it included the voices of so many people around the world. I also got some insight into how our backgrounds, upbringing, and even geography shape how we think about climate change–the diversity of perspectives on this website truly reflects a global community! See the notes page on my blog to learn more about this!

I also reached out to a few more resources for potential interviews. I will let you know if I get any responses in the next post! 🙂

Global Climate Strike stories page
Check this out to learn more about what inspires climate activism!